$1600 (2 days training)

$200 off if you traing with a friend

The beauty industry was forever changed thanks to the introduction of Microblading. With the right training and mentoring by some of the industry’s top professionals, Microblading artists have gone on to work with a multitude of clients, including models and celebrities.

Microblading involves a semi-permanent, virtually noninvasive process that ultimately gives brows that sculpted, fuller, more natural look. With results lasting as long as 3 years, it’s no wonder Microblading has become the hottest trend to happen to eyebrows in years!

Those who have mastered the art of Microblading are finding careers that are both fulfilling and profitable. This course, perfect for newcomers, is designed to get you familiar and comfortable with the technique, as well as offering you the opportunity to gain vital hands-on experience working with models. Step-by-step, we teach you everything you need to know and show you exactly how to create life like 3D hair strokes.

Course includes:

  • Microblading Manual

  • 2 full days of instruction

  • 1 Live models done under Instructor supervision

  • Professional Microblading kit (20 services)

  • Guaranteed training (you are more then welcome to return for additional instruction if you feel the need @ no charge) 

  • After completion of 1 approved model, you will receive your Microblading Artist Certificate

  • Lunch on the last day of the course

Course Outline

  • Skin Anatomy

  • Skin Disorders

  • Numbing Agents

  • Before and After Treatment Care

  • Medical Consent Forms and Medical History

  • Facial Shapes and Brow Design

  • Eyebrow Design, Shaping and Measuring

  • Brow Quad Ratio

  • Colour Theory

  • Blade Selection

  • Microblading Stroke Patterns

  • Eyebrow Stretching

  • Disinfecting and Sanitation

  • Station Preparation

You will be required to have 1 model for your in class practical portion of your course. Day 2 @ 1pm. 

For all training inquiries, please call Rea Ann @ 437.345.7990 or email training belles.lash.bar@gmail.com

$200 non refundable deposit is required to book All training programs

(Practice Model (can be provided for fee of $50 each)


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