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My name is Rea-Ann. Born in the Philippines, raised in Toronto. I decided to use the name Belle because I inspired by my daughter named Annabelle to persue a business in  what I love to show her that she can do anything as long as she works hard. I have always been fascinated with transformation and beauty. I love a natural look and believe no two faces are the same and should never try to be copied. Experimenting with and changing my looks with makeup is how I got started in the esthetics world of all things girly. I fell in love with makeup after seeing my older sister, who is 9 years older than me, getting ready for school or out with friends.

Keeping up with the newest trends got me into eyelash extensions about 3 years ago and that lead to Microblading in November 2018. I love to keep learning and growing to see what transformation I can master next! 

My goal is to show everyone that embracing your own beauty is the key to feeling beautiful and will always win when looking to feel confident. Everyone wants a customised look that shows their personality and charm. As little as we thought things like our eyebrows would matter to us when we were younger, we get it now. We are obsessed. With semi-permanent lashes and brows you can change as often as you like and keep up with whatever look you love at the moment. 

I love what I do, I love helping people discover how beautiful they are. This is my art, and I thank anyone that has ever let me use their lovely face as my canvas.

- Rea Ann Umandap